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  Safety Cameras Locations  

1) UK Speed Cameras

818 records Locations of fixed speed cameras, warns you of accident blackspots, helps moderate your speed - save lives & keep your licence.
  FT Country Hotels & B&B locations  
2) FT Country Hotels & Bed & Breakfast locations

48 records: 22 Luxurious Country Hotels & 26 Perfect B&B's Recommended retreats, special places to stay, comes with website & contact data.

  Excellent Traditional Tea Shops  
3) Tea Council Tea Shops 88 records Recommended tea parlours, excellent service and quality produce, tired travellers can refresh here.
  Elite Lunch destinations  
3) FT Lunches
288 records Restaurants that have participated in encouraging "lunch" with menus of outstanding quality, comes with website & contact data.
  Reputable Restaurants in Wales  
4) Eat Wales
149 records Have you had trouble getting decent food in Wales? Not any more, comes with website & contact data.
  Beach & Beauty Camp sites  
5) Beach & Beautiful Camping 77 records Tent campsites in exquisite locations many by the sea , comes with website & contact data.
  Famous National Trust Cafes  
6) NT cafes 113 records Those historical properties with a traditional English cafe, open most days & in pleasant surroundings, comes with website and contact data.
  Beach Cafes, where surf & food cross paths  
7) Beach Cafes 85 records Food on the beach, fantastic views with menu and service to match, comes with websites and contact data.
  Refreshing Open Air pools  

8) Lidos

74 records Open air swimming pools across the country, comes with websites and contact data.

10) Gastro Pubs

260 records Many pubs have raised the bar on food quality & surroundings, this extensive list spreads the entire UK


High Octane Fuel & where to get it


11) High Octane Fuel

20 records BP ultimate102 stations along with Bioethanol stations


UK Motor Racing Circuits


12) UK Motor Racing Circuits

24 records All main UK circuits & some interesting smaller tracks & hills climbs. Supplied with circuit layout images for every record & useful hyperlink feature to image from pushpin.



13) Winter Sports Centres

143 records 67 Ice Skating Rinks & 77 Ski & Snowboard venues, including dry slopes & proper resorts across the UK


99 Convenient & economical business hotels  

14) Holiday Inn Express

99 records spread across the UK



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